We've talked to farmers around North America about the SMART-TILL® tillage tool. Do you want to know how SMART-TILL® worked in their fields? Click on one of the testimonials below to read or hear what they have to say.

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Increases of up to 10 bushels
per acre
Cody Unruh, Kansas Farmer
Keeps residue on the surface. Richard Unruh, Kansas Farmer
An important tool for the pasture. Larry Hoover, Ohio Farmer and Dealer
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No compaction like you might
see using discs.
Jeff Miller, Indiana Farmer
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Ground dries faster for
quicker planting.
Steve Cosgray, Indiana Farmer
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Reduces the number of passes in the field. Leonard O’Donohue, Ontario, Canada, Farmer
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Finding multiple uses
Dave Kronlage, Iowa Farmer
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Saves time, fuel, and
maintenance expenses.
Mark Jahnke, New York Farmer
Keeping structure in the soil. Don Hanson, Missouri Farmer and Dealer
Uses SMART-TILL® as an
application tool.
James Jolivette, Wisconsin Farmer and Dealer
Breaks up erosion and aerates the soil. Dan Graber, Iowa Farmer and Dealer
From customer to
SMART-TILL® dealer.
Allen Moench, Texas Farmer and Dealer
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Provides air and water exchange. Charles Rice, Illinois Farmer