Allen Moench
Texas Farmer and Dealer

Here's what Allen had to say about using the SMART-TILL® on his field:

Texas farmer Allen Moench uses the SMART-TILL® on a variety of soil types and crops.

"We have a number of different types of soils in the same field, hard-panned to light sandy soil and in some areas black Victoria clay-type soil. The SMART-TILL® works and penetrates to an equal value in all soils," Allen says.

Allen puts the rotary harrows behind the SMART-TILL® for the penetration he needs, and he gets the added benefit of a nice seedbed.

"We have used [the SMART-TILL®] behind wheat crop after it was harvested, and the ground was super dry that particular year,” he says. “We got rain and came back the following year with wheat on it again and had an excellent crop."

"We have also used the SMART-TILL® on cotton stubble that had been shredded and have run it in standing grain sorghum stubble with the row at an angle," Allen says. "It does an excellent job aerating the soil and keeps the residue on top, which we want."

"The benefits that we see in our arid-type area where rainfall is always on the short side is the amount of water that we catch and retain when we run the SMART-TILL® for only one pass," he added.

"I was so impressed with the job that the SMART-TILL® did for us that I became a dealer and purchased a 20' unit with harrows for our own farming operation," Allen says.