James Jolivette
Wisconsin Farmer and Dealer

Here's what James had to say about using the SMART-TILL® on his field:

James Jolivette, a Wisconsin farmer, uses the SMART-TILL® in his manure pumping business as an application tool.

"We’ve used the SMART-TILL® for quite a while, and what we like about it is that we can qualify as a no-till application," James says.

"We fan the manure out ahead of the tines, which gives it an even pattern," he says. "With SMART-TILL®, we’re able to get in the field a lot quicker in the spring. It’s a lot easier tilling the manure in versus a chisel type tool."

James switched to SMART-TILL® because its tines pull the machine into the ground unlike some of the competing tools.

"This particular SMART-TILL® machine we use in the corn stalks right after the combine…tends to break down the stock and help it start deteriorating that stock quicker," he says. "We’ve used it in hay ground, setting the tines as aggressive as we can."