Steve Cosgray
Indiana Farmer

Here's what Steve had to say about using the SMART-TILL® on his field:

Steve Cosgray, an Indiana farmer, started using SMART-TILL® to help the ground dry faster so he could get into the fields earlier to apply manure or plant. The 600 acres he used the SMART-TILL® on dried out faster, and there was no water standing in places that used to have water standing.

After using SMART-TILL® on several fields in the fall, Steve found that, "[Liquid] manure will go into the ground in a more timely fashion in these fields."

"The SMART-TILL® and rolling harrows eliminated the clods on the ground after knifing the manure," he says. "SMART-TILL® may help eliminate a land preparation step by using it in the field after the knifing in of the manure."

SMART-TILL® also helped with chickweed. "I had no chickweed pressure where I used the SMART-TILL®; there was chickweed where I did not [use] SMART-TILL®," Steve says.