Cody Unruh
Kansas Farmer

Here's what Cody had to say about using the SMART-TILL® on his field:

Cody and his father Richard work together on about eight irrigated circles of corn crops. In the fall of 2011, the Unruhs rented a 20’ SMART-TILL®. They liked it so much they purchased a 30’ SMART-TILL® in the summer of 2012.

"We go in with the SMART-TILL® right after corn harvest. SMART-TILLing the field helps us pull the trash," Cody said. "One time we had 60-65 mph winds, and the fields that we SMART-TILLed held trash better than others in the area."

"By SMART-TILLing, we can capture the moisture from the winter snow accumulation on the stalks," Cody said. "The SMART-TILL® breaks up compaction after corn harvest, and water goes down quicker after SMART-TILLing."

The Unruhs used the SMART-TILL® two times in 2013, which has shown yield increases of up to 10 bushels per acre in most fields. Cody also did 1000 acres of custom SMART-TILLing by putting the gangs at 7.5" and used the SMART-TILL® to incorporate cattle manure. They primarily only use the SMART-TILL® in fall.