Innovative Tillage

Protect your soil and maximize your resources with the innovative tilling technology of SMART-TILL®. From soil and residue management to pasture/hay management, SMART-TILL®'s patented tines help optimize yield by fracturing rather than turning soil.

Durable and reliable, SMART-TILL® offers adaptability few implements provide. Its unique design allows it to fracture soil more than 8" deep, with little surface disturbance. This creates improved air and water exchange, which offers many benefits for different applications.

Check out our videos that show the SMART-TILL® in action in a number of applications!

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What does SMART-TILL® do?

SMART-TILL®'s self-sharpening three-tine helical design:
  • Creates a more extensive fracture force line both laterally and vertically
  • Fractures soil more than 8" deep
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Rejuvenates soil
  • Improves pasture/hay, soil, and manure management
  • Enhances no till/minimum till
  • Offers 8-10 mph suggested operating speed
  • Manages residue
relief side vs. thrust side Reducing the shaft speed produces exaggerated fracture forces by extending the duration of tine contact within the soil. Even in wet soil, fracture lines are easily observed.

How It Works

SMART-TILL®'s effectiveness comes from its two phases of tine action—entry, or soil displacement, and fracture, when force is applied. The recommended operating speed is 8-10 mph.

Tine shaft speed helps produce low torque and create a "ripping" effect that breaks through subsoil to allow more rapid air and water exchange. Water moves into the subsoil instead of resting in the plow layer, and roots easily penetrate the soil.

The soil surface receives only limited surface disruption, allowing for optimum performance from any field. Plus, SMART-TILL® offers the versatility to adjust the tine angle to suit the application and raise the harrows independent of the rest of the implement.

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SMART-TILL® 3-Point Hitch

Get the most out of your SMART-TILL® with the SMART-TILL® 3-point hitch adapter. It lets you attach harrows or other finishing tools to the SMART-TILL® to optimize productivity in your fields. Plus, it works with SMART-TILL® Smart-Harrows and other finishing tools to increase versatility of your tillage equipment and make your farming operation more efficient.