Dan Graber
Iowa Farmer and Dealer

Here's what Dan had to say about using the SMART-TILL® on his field:

In the Iowa fields where Dan Graber uses SMART-TILL®, the soil is highly erodible. "We feel that the SMART-TILL® works to help break up that erosion," Dan says.

"We used the SMART-TILL® in the spring because the ground was wet, so we needed it to open [the ground] to get it to dry, so we could get in and plant quicker," he says. "The SMART-TILL® did work very effectively for doing that."

One particular field was really too wet to work, but Dan used the SMART-TILL® in it. The next day he was able to plant, and he got a better stand than he did with straight no-till.

"With no-till, our stands would sometimes be weak, especially if we were in wet areas," he says. "By coming back with the SMART-TILL® and aerating the soil, we were able to get a better stand, which is one of the things we looked for."

Dan’s not the only one taking advantage of SMART-TILL®. "Our customers that have used the SMART-TILL® for incorporation purposes are pleased and say it is meeting their needs and satisfying government requirements," Dan says.