Illinois and Iowa Growers Benefit From Using Smart-Till

Dr. Daniel Davidson, Agronomist

Every grower strives to have a good seedbed to plant into come spring. This is a challenge when you have to deal with residue, compaction, crusting and wet soils in the spring. To overcome this challenge many growers rely on multiple aggressive tillage passes to conquer compaction and vanquish tough cornstalks that seem to resist decay, and especially in the age of Bt, stay green and enhanced plant health.

However many growers don’t want to aggressively till the soil and instead are adopting vertical tillage at an astonishing rate. They realize that it is costly to till and tillage is hard on the soil and they want a better way. They want tools that can manage residue but leave it on the surface, prepare and condition the seedbed while loosening compaction. Schmeiser Farm Equipment’s Smart Till provides these benefits along with others.

Smart-Till comes with twisted tines that fracture the soil up to 8 inches deep, alleviating compaction, increasing aeration and infiltration while improving soil healthy and productivity.

Schmeiser Farm Equipment is following two growers this season who have adopted vertical tillage by purchasing Schmeiser Farm Equipment’s Smart Till; Charles Rice from Mapleton, Ill. and Dave Kronlage from Dyersville, Iowa.

They are both corn and soybean farmers who strive to be good conservationists and producers. They will be sharing their experiences how they adopted Smart-Till in their operation; how it’s improved their productivity and how it changed the way they think about soil management and crop production.