Smart-Till Featured in No-Till Farmer as True Vertical Tillage Implement

See the February Issue of No-Till Farmer for an article titled "Should You Play The Vertical Tillage Game?" This article explores the benefits of vertical tillage and sheds some light on the difference between vertical tillage and vertical finishing.

In the article, Smart-Till owner Charles Rice of Mapleton, IL states, "Vertical tillage fractures the top 5 to 8 inches of soil, helping to get oxygen and water into the soil profile. You can help speed up the breakdown of residue by getting a little soil on it, but the Smart-Till still leaves residue mostly on the soil surface to stop wind and water erosion."

The article, which begins on page 28 of Volume 38, No. 2, also points out that "Having more water in the ground through the winter maximizes the freeze-and-thaw effect, helping to mellow the soil. Plus, vertical tillage tools can loosen surface compaction - a type of compaction likely found in no-till operations – without turning over a lot of dirt."

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Ostendorf, Martha. "Should You Play The Vertical Game?" No-Till Farmer. February 2009, Volume 38, No. 2, pp.28-38.