SMART-TILL and GATEWAY featured in 2008 National Farm Machinery Show….Show Guide


Patented tines on the SMART-TILL rotate into and through the plow layer to fracture soil up to 8 inches deep, promoting healthy air and water exchange in pasture, forage and other no-till field environments. Minimal surface disturbance helps maintain continuity in the soil ecosystem. Tines are spaced 7.5 inches and can enter the soil with 400 lbs. of downward force per foot of implement width. Schmeiser Farm Equipment currently offers the SMART-TILL in 10’,15’ widths. All models are available with an optional rotary harrow attachment featuring tine assemblies that are adjustable through a 60° sweep.For more information, contact Schmeiser Farm Equipment at (559) 268-8128, or e-mail .