SMART-TILL® International Sales Meeting

On July 29, SMART-TILL® held an International Sales Meeting to inform dealers and sales representatives about the features and benefits of the soil management tool. The event was hosted by Charles Rice at his farm in Mapleton, IL, and had about 40 attendees.

"Our goal with this meeting was to educate SMART-TILL® dealers and sales representatives,” said Ron Roglis, former Marketing and Sales Manager. “Not only did we want to show them exactly what the SMART-TILL® was capable of firsthand, but we also wanted to get their feedback on the best way to teach the farmers they serve all over North America about its capabilities.”

Dealers and sales representatives shared their successes with SMART-TILL® and the best way to communicate the importance of this piece of equipment to farmers as an integral part of a soil management system.

Smart-Till also conducted field demonstrations to show exactly what SMART-TILL® can do for soil management and health. Dealers and sales representatives were able to see how SMART-TILL® fractures deeper layers of the soil and pins residue to the field.

Agronomist Daniel Davidson, PhD, of Omaha, NE, also spoke about his research on current soil challenges. He discussed how his field research project has shown SMART-TILL® compares to no-till and other tillage options available in the market today.