Schmeiser Farm Equipment offers to farmers and ranchers the SmartTill, which protects the soil and maximizes resources with innovative tilling technology. From soil management to pasture/hay management, Smart-Till’s patented tines help optimize yield by fracturing rather than turning the soil.

The Smart-Till vertical tillage implement with its patented self-sharpening three-tine helical design fractures soil over 8 inches deep, reduces soil compaction and rejuvenates the soil. The tines rotate into and through the plow layer, promoting healthy air and water exchange in pasture, forage and other no-till environments, said former sales manager Ron Roglis.

"By punching through cattle, machine and watermovement-created compacted soil, the tines create new resistance-free pathways for water and roots to go deep, providing greater access to more moisture and nutrients, thereby boosting yield potential," he said. "The adjustable tine action allows producers to renovate existing cultivars by using interseeding and overseeding technologies with improved soil conditions for better seed-to-soil contact and seedling root development."

The Smart-Till consists of four modular ring rollers which can easily be adjusted from 0 to 10 degrees and a harrow frame that is integrated into the implement design which can be adjusted from minus 30 degrees to plus 30 degrees.

"Unlike horizontal tillage that buries residue, the Smart-Till builds the foundation for a wholistic approach to residue management. This technology manages compaction and water storage challenges while being in compliance with conservation plans," Roglis said.

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